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Hilliard Civic Association Philanthropy

HCA_Banner03-1With the continued success of the Hilliard Civic Association’s flagship event, Old Hilliardfest, the organization intends to extend its community outreach through grants and scholarships.

The Hilliard Civic Association showcases the best and brightest that Hilliard has to offer by engaging the public in organized events, recognition of community needs, acknowledgement of local achievements, and the promotion of volunteering within the community.

Our organization is working on implementing a grant system to benefit other local non-profit organizations within the community, this program would provide a financial incentive to other community non-profits who partner with the Hilliard Civic Association. We’re also working on establishing a scholarship program that will benefit students from the three local Hilliard high schools.

For more information regarding Hilliard Civic Association’s philanthropy, please email us at info@hilliardcivicassociation.org.